Website Changes

Payments through the online store will be disabled for a few days

Due to the recent change, the online store and payments will be disabled for a short period of time while we work on activating them.

With this, the add to cart option will be disabled and you will only be able to view our products.

We remind you once again that this is only a temporary change! temporária!

If you wish to contact us for the purchase of a product or have questions regarding the new page contact send us an email to [email protected] indicating the product in question [email protected] indicating the product

In the meantime, you can already create an account on our site by clicking here or clicking on the shortcut above. carregando aqui ou carregando no atalho em cima.

Has my account migrated from the previous website to the new one?

Due to errors in the structure of our old website and despite much talk and argumentation, we decided not to import the accounts from our old website to the current one.

To recover your account, you will have to create a new one in this same link, in case of doubt or difficulty in creating one, please do not hesitate to contact us. link , em caso de dúvida ou dificuldade na criação da mesma, não hesite em nos contactar.

With the website change, do we lose our order history?

No. At Clamix all orders are integrated into our management program. No order, no message from you or us inside the order, etc. will be lost. Everything is stored by us.

Em Geral

If you have a question, chances are it will be answered in this FAQ. Do a little research and get your answer quickly and efficiently.
If the question is not answered in this section, please feel free to contact us via our email at [email protected] or call us at 253 265 428, we will try to respond as quickly as possible to provide the help our customers deserve. (We will respond the same day if the question is asked on a weekday before 6pm.

Who is Clamix

Clamix is one of the most experienced and respected uniform stores in the Portuguese market. We are professionals and specialists in what we do and you can always count on our support if you need any of our services or products.

Where can you find us

Currently Clamix is present in the city of Braga, near the parish of São Vicente in the street José Afonso number 72 and 76 .
4700-392 Braga

See the location of your shop in this link.

Is Clamix open on weekends or holidays?

Clamix is always open on Saturdays, between 9am and 1pm. We are generally closed on National holidays, however please check our website to be aware if we will be open on a specific holiday or closed on another day.

I am looking for a product not listed on the website

If you do not find what you are looking for in our online product catalog, you can send us an email to our Sales Department indicating exactly what products or uniforms you need. Another way is to fill out the entire form that can be found at nesta página e aguardar por um contacto nosso.

After Sales Services

I received a damaged product/uniform, what should I do?

If the uniform you received is damaged in any way, you should contact our sales department as soon as you detect the problem, in one of three ways:

Send us an email to our commercial department at [email protected] , indicating the problem you have detected, as well as the order number and VAT number; Envie-nos um email para o nosso departamento comercial em [email protected] , indicando qual o problema que detetou, bem como o nº de encomenda e NIF;

Phone: You can contact us by phone at 253 265 428, where you will soon be assisted by one of our employees.

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